Adventure Travel and Extreme Sport

Adventure Travel and Extreme Sport

Posted 7.27.2012 in Articles by Jess

Adventure Travel and Extreme Sport

Looking to finally start scratching off a few items on that bucket list? Adventure travel is a great way to experience the world because not only are you still traveling, but through engaging in any kind of extreme sport you'll get that adrenaline rush you've been waiting for. While your friends brag about sipping expresso in Italy or taking a cruise to Cabo, you'll be able to boast about caving in Israel or voyaging through the mysterious Amazon.


Want the thrill of adventure travel but not looking to jump out of a plane? No problem. Consider the walking tour in Kruger National Park, South Africa. It will definitely give you more of an adrenaline rush than taking a tour sitting comfortably in a Jeep or truck. There's no better way to mingle with a wild and hungry horde of lions, cheetahs, rhinos, elephants and giraffes than in South Africa's most famous park on foot. The park has seven wilderness walking trails and you even have the option of taking guided overnight walks with armed guides. Regardless of what trail you take, Africa won't disappoint – you're bound to see some kind of wildlife. But if you're looking for that “just saw my life flash before my eyes” feeling, then you'll want to take the Napi Trail. It's noted as the best for spotting the big five – black rhino, Cape buffalo, elephant, leopard and lion. The walks generally last for two days and three nights, covering around 20 kilometers a day at an easygoing pace...unless, of course, you notice a lion behind you! Adventure travel can also be even less intense than being preyed upon 1by hungry lions. For an experience of a lifetime, take a Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon through a travel agency like Ecotour Expeditions. Twice a month their expedition vessel, the Motor Yacht Tucano, ventures far up the least inhabited river in the Amazon Basin: The Rio Negro. This seven day trip visits rare areas that not many others get to experience. Their guides are accomplished naturalists and you'll have the opportunity to see creatures almost never seen by other visitors. Aspects of the trip include travelling on foot through the forest, swimming in some of the cleanest water in the world, visiting with natives that live deep into the forest, and even take a night walk to the confluence of the Amazon and Negro Rivers.


For those extremists out there, scale a cliff in Railay, a city west of Krabi, Thailand. The peninsula is steep with pocketed limestone cliffs offering all sorts of climbing features, including good overhands and occasional hanging stalactite. Krabi is also notorious for its rock climbing features and spectacular karst formations. It's located on Thailand's Andaman coast and you can even find karst formations in the middle of Krabi river, making it one of the world's greatest climbing destinations. No special skills are required, other than the desire to climb, so it's an activity that is suitable for all ages, even children. A 3-day course will give most people the confidence to lead a beginner's route. Experienced climbers need not worry about beginners getting in their way. Krabi hosts more than 600 bolted routes graded from F4 (easy) to F8c (pros) so there is plenty of room for everyone. Besides the obvious airborne, waterborne, or ground level sports, going caving is a rapidly developing extreme sport option in Israel. It's one of the few activities where you can go somewhere where no one has gone before. Their four main caving areas are the Jerusalem Hills, Mount Sodom, the Upper Galilee and the Hebron Hills in the West Bank. Mount Sodom is the most unique cave in the world as it is basically a block of salt rising 230 meters above the Dead Sea. It's pierced by labyrinth caverns and tunnels formed by rainwater and is home to the world's largest salt caves. You don't need to be particularly fit but it is not an activity to be attempted alone or without proper equipment and preparation. After all, caving isn't just crawling around underground – it includes climbing, hiking, and rappelling. Luckily, there are organizations that offer training courses and underground tours.

Still looking for that gripping, free-falling, stomach in your throat feeling? Head to Macau Tower, China on your next adventure travel trip for a 764 feet (233 m) bungee jump. It's open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and regally rises into the sky overlooking the “Las Vegas of Asia”. Located in the city, once you've thrown yourself into the abyss, you plunge straight for the concrete floor coming within about thirty meters of the ground before rebounding back up. It's around a 6 second free-fall and once you're on your way down there's no turning back. This jump comes second only to Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge at 1,053 feet (321 m) (traditional bungee jump is forbidden) and is certified by the Guiness Book of World Records as the World's Highest Bungy Jump. At 3,200 feet above the fjord, Kjerag Mountain in Lysefjord, Norway towers above all the other peaks. While many visitors enjoy nice hikes and walks around the area, it's become increasingly popular for base jumpers. Its steep cliffs are a base jumpers dream, not to mention the scenery surrounding it will leave you in awe. Besides the Kjerag, base jumpers push their limits at the Troll Wall (or Trovellveggen). It's part of a series of peaks called the Troll Peaks and has the greatest single verticle drop in Europe at around 3,600 feet.


Anyone can take a gondola ride in Florence or take a walking tour around Buenos Aires and while these are still incredible experiences, why not make your next vacation extreme? Adventure travel is an entirely different way to visit Norway or Israel or wherever you decide to go. Taking a trip that includes an extreme sport will not only be life-changing but it's different, inspiring, energizing, and enlightening. Why just visit South Africa when you can actually live the wildness of Mother Africa? Or why just take a picture next to the rugged mountains in Krabi when you can conquer them? There's no other humbling feeling than taking that leap and free-falling 764 feet above a concrete floor. Whereever your choice of travel, make it an adventure travel trip – there's nothing else like it. 



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