Summer Vacation: Best Beach Vacations, Lake Vacations, and Boat Rentals

Summer Vacation: Best Beach Vacations, Lake Vacations, and Boat Rentals

Posted 5.30.2012 in Articles by Jess

Summer Vacation: Best Beach Vacations, Lake Vacations, and Boat Rentals

Tired of that nasty orange color on your knuckles coming from your tanning lotion or paying to lay in a tanning bed for 30 minutes? With summer just around the corner you can go ahead and throw those worries out the window because you're taking a summer vacation! Whether your vacation lasts for a couple of weeks or just the weekend, these summer hotspots are perfect for anyone looking to have a great time in the sun. Regardless if you're looking for the best beach vacations or lake vacations, there's a place for everyone. The activities are endless: go hiking or party, go swimming or rent an ATV, and for even more possibilities consider boat rentals to practice those wakeboarding skills or just be out on the open water.

When considering the best beach vacations, remember that a beach isn't just a beach and no, they are not all the same. A beach includes the city surrounding it – the culture, traditions, the tone and mood of the locals, the history. Choose a destination like Outer Banks, North Carolina where history oozes from its very core. Here the pirate Blackbeard fought his last battle (at Ocracoke), the aviator brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright took their famous first flight (at Kitty Hawk), and the mysterious Lost Colony disappeared (to where, your guess is as good as mine). But this chain of barrier islands off the cost of North Carolina – otherwise known as OBX to the locals – isn't just for history buffs. Adventurers can enjoy fishing, windsurfing, nature watching, and ATV riding while families and couples can relish the beach, mini-golf, and the aquarium. Each island has its own appeal: The old lighthouses, robust dunes, and reclusive beaches in the south coincide with vacation rentals, water sports, and beach shops in the north. Together they blend together to form a perfect one of a kind seaside destination. Looking to beef up those surfer skills during your vacation? Head to Huntington Beach, California just a few miles north of Laguna. Located in Orange County, Huntington Beach rivals the celeb appeal of Laguna Beach but the high polish takes a back seat to laid-back, mellow surfer attitude. It dominates the California coast with 8.5 miles of uninterrupted beaches and features the most consistent waves on the West Coast. No wonder its nickname is Surf City USA! If you think going to the beach means battling with crowds and standing in line for 2 hours for a snow cone, think again. Sanibel Island is a secluded offshoot of Fort Myers and is considered to be more low-key and quaint than its Gulf Coast neighbor. You'll get a relaxing, chic vibe as you walk through the Periwinkle Way galleries, restaurants and shops. It's famous for its abundance of seashells and the “Sanibel Stoop” - what locals call shelling. Pack your favorite book, go golfing, or embark on an adventure and rent a canoe.


Think the beach is the only suitable place for a water vacation? Lake vacations have benefits that one can only dream of when going to the beach. For example: uncrowded beaches, fresh water, mild-mannered waves (big enough to keep kids happy without worrying about riptides), low humidity, rustic woodsy setting, and lower prices. If you're still looking for family fun but a little bit of nightlife, try Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California where California and Nevada meet. It's the largest alpine lake in North America, with its clear water surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. Rent a boat, relax along the shores with a fishing pole, cruise the lake, go on a hike, or rent bicycles. If you're feeling lucky hit up the casinos or show off your dance moves at their trendy dance clubs. Whatever you're into Lake Tahoe's got it. Reconnect with nature and visit “The Crown Jewel of Eastern Oregon” - beautiful Wallowa Lake. Located at the doorstep of the Eagle Cap, experience Oregon's largest wilderness. Walk along the Ponderosa Pine, Aspens, Douglas Fir, and Ancient Cottonwoods. Breathe in that nice clean air, swim in crystal-clear water, and see a million stars at night! Enjoy hiking, biking, water-sports, horseback riding, wildlife, fishing, and sightseeeing. Find solitude and escape to high mountain alpine meadows, wildflowers, and eagles. Want to go on vacation but not be so much of a “tourist”? Check out Traverse City, Michigan's famous National Cherry Festival during July to immerse yourself in local festivities. Lake Michigan glistens behind a lineup of parades, county-fair-style contests and teddy-bear teas. Cherries are tucked into everything imaginable from scones to chili, chicken to tuna, tiramisu to a brie torte.


No matter your beach or lake destination, definitely look into boat rentals. Not only can boat rentals make your trip that much more fun, but they can also be affordable. Renting a boat can double your list of activities and your sighteseeing significantly. If you have a boat you can go wakeboarding or water skiing. If those seem a little too extreme for you then there's always the option of tubing. Take a ride around the water or the lake. You'll see so much more than if you were just on shore. You may discover that secret beach no one else knew about or was less crowded. Anchor your boat in the water for a few hours and enjoy swimming around the deep end. Rent a speed boat and feel that ocean mist hit your face as you whip across those waves. Wherever you go, call a few boat rental places up and compare their prices. There's nothing wrong with splurging a little bit on vacation – after all, you can't put a price on fun!


Going on a summer vacation takes everyone back to when they were a kid and school was out for the summer. Regardless of your destination you have that childish thrill of it being summer. Whether you're out of school or just taking a break from work, there are plenty of cool places to go for your next summer vacation. You don't have to be limited with just going to the beach or staying on shore. Try out a lake you've never been to or look into boat rentals. Find your inner peace while walking the trails in Oregon or party it up on the beach celeb style in Huntington. 


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